Why Redemption Communities?

We are a church of communities, not a church with communities.

We believe that God designed us to be in relationship with one another and that there is simply no substitute for doing life with others in a shared pursuit of honoring God. Redemption Communities (RC’s) provide a context for people to live out their faith in the support, stretching, and accountability that is inherent in true community. We need one another–this is why we frequently and clearly communicate that community is not something nice to add into our schedules where convenient, but community is something we must diligently move toward as a matter of necessity. It is in Gospel-centered community that we are best set up to truly live all of life all for Jesus.

What to Expect?

Redemption Communities (RC’s) are leader facilitated and typically meet in homes. Activities vary from group to group and week to week but may involve any combination of eating, learning, playing, sharing, celebrating, praying, and serving. See the “common questions” below for more info.

RC Locations & Info

We are in the process of launching several new Redemption Communities, that would bring us to a total of 18 RCs throughout the city and throughout the week. Sign up for DNA to begin getting plugged into a Redemption Community.

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Common Questions

1. Do I have to be a Christian? No!  The Church is the God-given tool through which the world can most clearly encounter, experience, and understand the gospel through God’s Word (the Bible). Communities should be the safest place to ask questions and ‘taste and see’ what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus.

2. How are they structured? They can be different, but the general theme is to eat, pray, learn, and grow together. This tends to happen by discussing the primary sermon passage from Sunday, but sometimes groups will go through a topic or question that has come up.

3. What should I expect? We believe God can work in whatever way He chooses (sometimes in big & exciting ways), but we’ve grown to embrace and expect God to work through the seemingly mundane & normal. We don’t expect that every week will be ‘mind-blowing’, but through reflection and consistency over time we see that God has been forming and transforming us in profound ways.

4. Is there a schedule or are they ‘on-going’? We do follow a ‘college town’ calendar, launching most things in September or January and pausing for rest and evaluation in the summer. While some groups may take a break in the summer, we don’t break from the value of community. Instead, it is a good time to reflect and consider if schedule, relationships, life-stage, or mission-emphasis has led to making a change in the next season.

5. I already have community outside of Redemption, should I still join an RC? Perhaps one of the greatest effects of the Fall (when sin entered the world through mankind’s rebellion & turning away from God) is isolation and fragmentation. Because our tendency is to hide from God and one another, like Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, we need to fight against that by inviting people into the whole of our lives. Redemption Communities are structured to move us toward others in consistent, revealing, committed, and gospel-centered community. We encourage everyone to prioritize community within the local church. RC’s are of course not the only source of community in our lives, but these other sources should not replace or happen at the expense of a solid & consistent community through the local church.

6. What about kids? In light of the fragmentation question above, we don’t like to separate families–especially in the name of community! So, your kids are welcome and each group figures out how to best care for and grow everybody in the group, including the kids. Your kids are not a reason to avoid or postpone community, but all the more reason to move toward it.

7. Okay I’m in–how do I get started? Sign up for DNA to begin getting plugged into a Redemption Community. You can sign up for our next DNA class by clicking here.

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