Every summer for the past 5 years I have picked one aspect of faith that I wanted to focus on, this summer that aspect is prayer. Prayer is directly connected to our intimacy with God while we are living every day within the real world. There are several resources available on prayer, but none are better than the book of Psalms. One of the main reasons that I am thankful we are teaching from the book of Psalms is because I believe that it is a prayer manual for regular people living in the real world. The book of Psalms speaks to us informatively and theologically, but it is primarily a book about formation; meaning the way we are shaped by the presence of God and are called to live before the face of God. The book of Psalms speaks to the praising of God through adoration, confession, thanksgiving for his grace, and petitions throughout the highs and lows of life. Through the Psalms we are given helpful insight to suffering, and shown the appropriate ways of lamenting over the brokenness in our life and our world. Overall, the Psalms illustrate the praising of God from his covenantal people who are called to live according to His Law.

I am very excited that we are taking the summer to look at many chapters within the book of Psalms. I can recall being a very new Christian a decade ago and learning how to pray to God by using the Psalms, and it is my hope and prayer that as a whole church we will begin to grow in our prayer life through this series.  Take the opportunity of this summer to center your prayer life with God and others. Prayer is a participatory team sport, welcome others into your prayer life and vice-versa. Remember that the Psalms were not written for “you” but were written for “us”. May the God of the world meet us all through his Word, and form us into a community of regular people who pray to him day and night.