Thursday November 10th we had a huge conversation on race, power, and the Gospel that was titled “Tapestry”. The vision and hope for the class can be found here: 

Listen to the class below:

(we do apologize that the audio recording was unable to capture the totality of the class, we do pray that what is recorded below will spur you on to live all of life all for Jesus)

Part 1: Introductions and a vision for Tapestry by Dave Goffeney (00:00-10:56)

Part 2: Mele Martinez sharing her experiences through a poem (10:57-16:52)

Part 3: Warren Anderson sharing his story and experiences (16:53-42:13)

Part 4: Aaron Dailey addressing White Privilege (42:14-57:02)

Part 5: Panel of Aaron Dailey, Chris Amaro, Wayne Wynter, Jenny Bell, Joel Harris, Warren Anderson, and Dave Goffeney answering questions (57:03-1:23:24)

A Couple Recommended Resources: