Redemption Tucson Coronavirus Updates

March 17, 2020  |  Dave Goffeney

Hello Redemption Tucson, 

We truly thank God for your love, flexibility, creativity, and hearts of gratitude during this season. We find ourselves thinking about, praying for, and longing to be in community with you all–our church family.  Let’s pray this is a time for us to grow in gratitude and faithfulness as God’s people living and serving together in all of life, not limited to buildings or corporate gatherings.

We will communicate as often as needed to help bring clarity and direction about how we can grow, learn, thrive, and serve faithfully.  Here are a few words of direction and encouragement for this season ahead.


For the foreseeable future we will continue what we started; worshiping together through a livestream service at 10am on Sunday mornings. You can tune in through our Redemption Tucson Youtube Page and find kids resources HERE.


Resources to Equip You:
You are not alone while seeking to grow as a follower of Jesus, leading your family, or connecting as a community. We are blessed to have a number of different resources available to you HERE.

If you have needs or want to serve:
Fill out THIS FORM if you have any needs you’d like help with, or if you are able and willing to serve others.

Daily Encouragement:
Every day, starting Friday, 3/20, a different leader from Redemption Tucson will share a brief video to give an update, perspective, or word of encouragement to help us look to the Gospel of Jesus. Again, you can expect to find those on our Youtube page.

Weekly Prayer nights (video call link HERE, download Zoom video call app):
Every Wednesday evening (8-9pm), starting 3/25, we will have a simple, guided time to pray. We encourage you to do this as a family or in smaller groups alongside the rest of our church family.

Midweek email, this blog, and social media platforms:
Set notifications and check in often, as these will be the primary ways we communicate to the whole of our community. 

Current Redemption Communities (RC’s):
Stay closely connected to your RC leaders, as that is always, and especially in this season, the very best way to live out the gospel in a close-knit community. Be wise and be creative about how to gather, stay connected, and care for each other and those in your broader community. 

People not in an RC:
If you are not in a Redemption Community please feel empowered to meet with friends or family to grow and build community. Take this opportunity to intentionally gather together with others virtually or in-person (as advised below) + participate with the broader community through the things we’ve listed above. Fill out the Care Form above if you have needs or want to be a part of helping to serve others.


We encourage you to gather and move toward others in ways that are responsible and loving

  1. -Stay up to date with, and honor the recommendations of the White House and CDC (Center for Disease Control): LINK
    • We have relationships with high-level medical professionals who work with the WHO and CDC and are faithful, committed, non-anxious followers of Jesus, and their strong message (plea) has been to take all recommendations, policies, and procedures, very seriously. 
  2. -Please limit all gatherings to under 10 people (note: since our DNA class, Women’s Woven Gathering, and Night of Prayer are all above that threshold we will be canceling those events). In our smaller gatherings please take extra care to observe common, wise-practices:
    • Washing hands thoroughly & frequently 
    • Nobody present is sick or has any reason to believe they’ve been exposed to COVID-19 
    • The most vulnerable (over age 65, weakened immune system, etc.) choose not to attend.
    • If you are able to gather, consider offering to connect those who might be unable to join you in-person through a computer or your phone, where they can digitally join your discussion afterward. 


Ephesians 4:11-14 paints a beautiful picture of how God has called leaders to equip the saints (you, me, all of us) for the work of the ministry. While we are working hard to provide guidance and care, our primary charge is to equip and send the people of God to proclaim and display the good news of Jesus in all of life. Take the initiative, be creative, be thoughtful, and reach out to others as the Spirit leads you. You don’t have to ask permission or wait to be prompted by church leadership to love God and love your neighbor. Be encouraged, blessed, and empowered to creatively live as the people of God sent for every good work.


If you have any questions or needs, email, and one of the leaders will reach back out to you as soon as possible. 

We will update this document as new information comes. We love you! 

-Redemption Tucson Leadership Team