More and more the seasons of the year blend together and leave us floundering for opportunities to make sense of the past and connect it to our present. From Christmas decorations on sale in October to ‘Black Friday’ seemingly starting the day after Halloween, we are in serious danger of missing out on the historically shaping season of Advent. This season is given to be a corporate celebration of the people of God centered on the Good News of the birth of Jesus and His promised return. This year, we will walk through a series called HOPE to help us understand the universal importance of the birth of Jesus and how that practically shapes our lives as a church and individuals.

To build anticipation and understanding for this Advent Season, please read this blog “Why we celebrate Advent” written last year by our good friend, Riccardo Stewart, Lead Pastor at Redemption Tempe.


     Advent is a season where we see generosity at its peak and celebrate the birth of not only a baby but of a Kingdom that comes through Him. We celebrate that God gave us His Son and citizenship in this Kingdom. It is this story that should shape the way we live.

We respond to this generosity through our Advent Offering. We will be focusing in on being generous to our “Close, Near, & Far” neighbors.
For our “close” neighbors we will be taking up a benevolence fund for those in need within Redemption Tucson. For our “near” neighbors we will be creating food & gift boxes to give to students at Safford School. For our “far” neighbors we will be joining with preexisting partnerships that Redemption has as well as helping send some of us who call Redemption Tucson home.


During a Service

Cash or check can be given during any of our Sunday services, specifically designated as “Advent Offering.” Also be sure to see our giving table on Sunday by the Connect Desk spelling out how to serve the kids at Safford.


You can give easily and securely one time or by recurring giving with your credit card online. Please be sure to specify the “Advent Offering” fund HERE.



     We will follow the following schedule at Redemption Tucson to help us reflect and build anticipation around the Hope of the world, Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Nov. 29th || Unlikely Hope—the Story of Mary (Luke 1:26-56)
     -God has chosen for His perfect story to include an unlikely Birth, through an unlikely girl, at an unlikely time. In this unlikely context the Hope of the world would be born.

Dec. 6th || Tense Hope—the Story of Joseph (Matt. 1:18-25)
     -Looking at the birth of Jesus we see individual, relational, and communal tension that pave the way for the coming of the Hope of the world.

Dec. 13th || Glorious Hope–the Story of the Shepherds (Luke 2:18-20)
     -For some unlikely characters, God peels back the curtain of this world to build anticipation for the coming of Jesus into the world we have broken. When God reveals His glory it leads to hope-filled worship.

Dec. 20th || Fulfilled Hope—the Story of Simeon (Luke 2:22-35)
     -The story of Simeon, likely obscure to most of us, gives a picture of God’s faithfulness to fulfill the promises of Hope He has given to His people. Regardless of personal, national, or global circumstances, God is carrying out His plan to forgive His people, restore His world, and usher in His glorious kingdom.

Dec. 24th || Final Hope—the King Has Come (The Birth of Jesus from the Gospels)
      -At the birth of Jesus, on a seemingly obscure night, the final hope of the world is made visible through Immanuel, God With us!

Dec. 27th || The Coming Hope—The Kingdom to Come
     -The birth of Jesus ushered in the beginning of His glorious Kingdom. After His death and resurrection He secured the victory over sin, death, and brokenness. Finally, Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father, promising to return once and for all. His people today, Christians, are called to live in such a way that gives a picture and builds anticipation for what it looks like to live as a restored people under a glorious King.

Jan. 03rd || Present Hope—All of Life is All for Jesus
     -Tim Keller, a well-known and helpful pastor and author, explains that the gospel of Jesus is not just the A,B,C’s of spiritual life, but is the A to Z for all of life. We will take a practical look at how the good news of Jesus informs absolutely every aspect of our lives.