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Take Out Peace Feast

Take-out Peace Feast at Cafe Desta! As a church we want to support the local businesses that contribute to the flourishing of Tucson. Cafe Desta was our original Peace Feast location over four years ago and we want to show them love and support as they continue to bless our community with a wonderful taste of Ethiopian and Eritrean food even in these challenging times.

Details: On Tuesday, May 26th call or text in your order, ideally that morning or afternoon, and establish a pick-up time for that evening (menu and phone numbers at destacafe.com, delivery also available.) Pick-up your food and enjoy at home or perhaps with your triads. We encourage you to pray for Cafe Desta, their staff, their continued operations, and to simply thank God for them. Our original Peace Feast was deeply moved hearing how the Gospel has shaped one of the owner’s lives (“Z”) and has led him to open Cafe Desta. Please also consider writing an online review to encourage them, share verbal or written encouragement and prayers when you pick up your food, and to the extent that you are able–tip generously!

Why Peace Feasts? Jesus, in his life and death, revealed that pursuing peace isn’t cheap. Sin has divided our world. Hostility has replaced harmony and it’s easy to love comfort more than our neighbors. Peace Feasts are an opportunity to move towards our neighbors in love in order to pursue deeper understanding and relationship. Peace Feasts are typically a time to come together to share a meal at a restaurant owned by someone from an ethnic or religious background that is different from many of us. This gives us a chance to learn from them, to enjoy the wonderful gift of their food and hospitality, and to bless them financially.

We hope you can join us Tuesday as we have our Peace Feast at Cafe Desta!

When & Where

Cafe Desta, Dinner, Tuesday 5/26


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