Call to Action: Foster Care & Adoption

August 12, 2016  |  Stephen Collins

by Hannah Pool

There is an orphan crisis around the world. Children who have lost parents, been abandoned by parents, or been taken out of dangerous environments–are in need of stable homes and loving families. Therefore, we, the people of God, must lead the way in recognizing this great need and stepping up to meet it.

Currently there are just over 18,600 children in out-of- home care in  Arizona with Pima County accounting for 3,320 of these children. Despite this great need, there are only 730 licensed foster families in our county leading to many children being moved out of Tucson or being placed in congregate care (group homes, shelters, or residential treatment facilities).

Redemption Tucson desires to develop a coalition of Christians dedicated to creating enough Christ-centered homes to completely wipe out the foster care crisis in our community and expose these children and their families to the Gospel. More specifically, we aim to educate, equip, and support foster families through church-coordinated support groups, training courses, wrap around teams, and prayer. While not everyone is called to be a foster parent, everyone is capable and called to serve the widowed, orphaned and marginalized. We hope that you will join us!

Two very tangible opportunities are the Foster Care and Adoption BASIC TRAINING (8/29) as well as the ORIENTATION (9/10).

For more information about Redemption Tucson’s Foster Care and Adoption Ministry, or to find out more about the ways you can become involved, please contact David or Hannah Pool at