Author: Dave Goffeney

Transitions & Updates

Dave Goffeney / March 12, 2017

This is a very full, exciting, and important season for us at Redemption Tucson! Read more about some of the specific updates and […]

Advent Offering 2016

Dave Goffeney / November 29, 2016

Throughout the Advent Series we will be taking a special offering, above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings. As a church we […]

Tapestry: Race, Power, & The Gospel

Dave Goffeney / November 1, 2016

Tapestry: Race, Power, & The Gospel When God created humanity in His Image, Imago Dei, He immediately tied our individual identity to who […]

Gospel Centered, Outward Focused

Dave Goffeney / February 24, 2016

After seven weeks in Judges we are spending the next month leading up to Easter walking through what it means to be Gospel […]

Introducing the Book of Judges

Dave Goffeney / January 4, 2016

Sunday 1/10 we are beginning a 7-week series in Judges. Below are some key themes and common threads that unite the book and […]

HOPE: Advent 2015

Dave Goffeney / December 2, 2015

VISION FOR ADVENT      More and more the seasons of the year blend together and leave us floundering for opportunities to make […]

Baptisms at Redemption Tucson

Dave Goffeney / December 2, 2015

Have you recently become a Christian? Have you been a Christian for a while but never been baptized?  Now is the time. On […]

Membership at Redemption Tucson

Dave Goffeney / December 2, 2015

Membership is an informed commitment to the doctrine and vision of Redemption Church, a willing submission to the leadership of the church, and […]