All of Life Interview with Kristina Harris

July 31, 2017  |  Stephen Collins

At Redemption Tucson we believe that all of life is all for Jesus. Kristina Harris talks about how she connects her work as a communications consultant to God’s work. This “All of Life Interview” was moderated by Stephen Collins on Sunday 7/30/17. Listen to the interview here:

Vision for Vocation:

1. Vocation matters to God & we were made to work. Before the Fall man was given meaningful work to do (the cultural mandate in Genesis 1:28-31 & 2:15). Work is not a temporary necessity but is a huge part of our identity as image bearers of God.

2. Work has been infected and affected by the Fall–work is hard, difficult, painful, broken, and mundane. But sin has not extinguished the inherent good of work and our call to work unto the Lord (1 Cor. 10:31).

3. We want people to see that work is the primary place they engage culture, build culture, rub shoulders with non-Christians, and can be salt/light to the world. The largest chunk of our waking hours is spent at the workplace (not at church/doing church things)–we must steward that well and be on mission there!

4. Vocation is valuable not JUST for the relationships we build, the potential evangelism to be had, or the money we make to provide for our family and others. It is surely not less than that but it is so much more. Work has INTRINSIC value and one of the primary goals of these interviews is to help people see the value of their jobs.

Our prayer is that you would connect the dots and see how your work is a vital place for you to live out your faith, be a Gospel presence to a watching world, participate in the mission of God, and love your neighbor! If you have any questions on this feel free to email Stephen Collins at