Redemption Tucson is moving to two services in 2020!

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A word from Pastor Dave

I am very excited to announce that Redemption Tucson will be going to two services on January 26, 2020! We will transition from one service at 10AM, to two identical services at 9AM and 11AM. On one level, it really isn’t that big of a deal, and I don’t want to make it bigger than it is. But it means a lot of things that we should slow down to celebrate, and also brings about some changes that need to be walked through. While we are providing a clear and concise page of frequently asked questions I want to take this moment to help cast some vision about how we’ve come to this decision and why I am so excited about it.

What is not changing? We are still Redemption Tucson: Living for Jesus’ glory and the good of our city; Taking God seriously, but not ourselves; Doing the Lord’s work the Lord’s way; living All of Life all for Jesus! We will continue to grow as followers of Jesus in the context of consistent community, gathering for worship and being sent out on mission in response to the Good News of Jesus. As image bearers of God, we all still need to be known and need to be needed, and that informs how we approach community and serving as weekly expressions of the reconciling work of Christ. Rather than moving away from any of those things, it flows directly out of these shaping convictions that compels us to move to two services in January.

So, why are we going to two services and how did we come to the decision to do it now? The simple answer is that we are better able to love and lead people by adding a second service. Both those who are already part of our church family, and those we trust the Lord is leading to our church to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus, will be better led and cared for by this move. While it sounds like being all together at one service makes our community stronger, the reality is that we have less opportunity to see and connect with people consistently and it is more difficult for leaders to invest in, pray with, and care for members and new people alike. Even more, our hope and expectation is that individuals and families will feel a significant relief in the pace and burden of serving on every level.

Perhaps most significantly, making more space by going to two services helps us remove more obstacles for those who are most marginalized and seemingly furthest away from the hope of the gospel. Whether it is somebody experiencing homelessness, a person from an under-represented ethnic community, or someone who is in the very early stages of responding to the Lord’s call on their life, we want to do whatever we can to faithfully move the gospel as close as possible. From making it easier to find a seat to freeing up leaders to meet and welcome them, going to two services has everything to do with our desire to faithfully proclaim and display the good news of Jesus to our city that so desperately needs it.

Please join us in praying for wisdom as we prepare to go to two services in January 2020. Thank God for all he has done to grow our church as a healthy gospel-centered community and as a faithful witness to our city. For more details please read through the FAQ below, communicate with your RC leaders or others you’re closely connected with, and most of all look for the Lord to do for more than we can ask or imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q: What? 
A:  Redemption Tucson is going to two services

Q: When? 
A: January 26, 2020

Q: What Times? 
A: 9AM & 11AM

Q: Where?
A:  Safford School Auditorium (same place): 200 E. 13th St. Tucson, AZ. 85701

Q: Will the services be the same? 
A: Yes. They will be two, identical services.

Q: What if we have smaller services?
A: We almost certainly will have smaller services from time to time, and that is ok.



Q: Why?
A: To be more hospitable and welcoming to those who are furthest away from the gospel. We have become increasingly aware that as our church family grows we have less room and opportunity for the people that we feel called to reach in Tucson. For those on the margins or going through extremely difficult circumstances, an overly full church service can present “unwelcome mats'” or simply become overwhelming. 

Q: What’s the Goal?
A: To faithfully proclaim and display the gospel of Jesus Christ, and invite others to see, hear, experience, and respond to Him. Our goal is not about size, it’s about health and faithfulness. We want to be a healthy church that is faithful to the call of Jesus. Our goal is to make room for those people who otherwise would find a larger one service unwelcoming or hard to navigate through.

Q: How does this affect the community?
A: We want people to engage at a service, not just attend a service. As our attendance has grown on a weekly basis, it becomes increasingly difficult for some to engage relationally on a Sunday. Our larger service can leave people shuffling in and out without making meaningful connections. Two services will give more opportunity for relational connecting and conversation.

Q: How does this impact Redemption Kids?
A:  With more consistency and smaller classrooms. We want our children’s ministers to disciple kids, not just manage classes. Having smaller sized classrooms will actually help our amazing teachers in R/Kids to lead and connect to our children in a more effective way.

Q: How does this impact serving?
A: With more opportunities to serve and easier on-ramps for getting involved. We want to give more people the opportunity to serve. Two services allows for more people to serve our church family which means more people are getting connected at Redemption Tucson and the burden of serving is significantly lessened. 

Q: What does this mean for volunteers and staff?
A: More margin and a more encouraging environment to serve. Our goal is to make this transition as life-giving to volunteers as possible. Two services will give our volunteers, especially those in R/Kids, the chance to serve in one service and worship in the next. For some, like the worship team, serving will be less often, but for a longer period of time. For other teams, like set up, tear-down, and R/Kids teams, serving will be more often, but for much shorter periods of time. We believe this move to two services will ultimately bring relief to our amazing team of volunteers.

Q: How can I help?
A: You can:
1. Pray! Pray for the Lord to continue to grow us as a healthy community where we are all known and needed.
2. Serve. If you are not already serving, please SIGN UP HERE for ways you can serve.
3. Invite friends, family, co-workers, neighbors to come, see, and experience the hope you have in Christ.
4. Point people to the many different resources we’ve made to help understand the vision and details of going to two services.

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