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All of life is all for Jesus, so areas of cultural engagement, racial reconciliation, and diversity have to be informed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tapestry Tables are a monthly place to consistently gather around a table to talk and grow alongside people from diverse backgrounds: Race, Gender, Age, and Finances. At Redemption Tucson we still have a lot to learn, a lot of work to do up ahead, but we take comfort in clinging to the gospel together. 

Language matters and we intentionally use the language of TAPESTRY for this ministry of reconciliation & unity. From the promise in Genesis 12 to the worship service in Revelation 19, we see the plan of God to form a whole new people. A tapestry uses the uniquely different fabrics interacting, weaving, and overlapping with one another to form something altogether different. A tapestry maintains the integrity and beauty of different threads, but causes an interaction with these distinct threads in order to form something altogether new and beautiful. The final product is greater than, but still dependent upon, the individual parts in all their unique qualities. The language of tapestry helps us better understand what Jesus is doing in forming a people for Himself. Learn more about the vision of this language HERE.

Tapestry Tables are about embodying the Gospel together.

What to expect

WHEN: The last Sunday of the month in January, February, March, and April from 6:30-8pm.

WHERE: Vineyard Christian Community (625 N. 2nd Ave.)

CHILDCARE: Childcare is available, sign up HERE

FOOD: Snacks will be provided

COMMITMENT: To dive into these complex subjects we need committed relationship. Therefore, we are asking those who are entering into this season of Tapestry to commit to being present at all the table times.

WHAT A MEETING LOOKS LIKE: To help foster trust + embodying the Gospel we begin our time eating together and building relationship. From gentrification panels, articles on ageism, and videos about racial reconciliation we will have a variety of content for us to gather around our tables and discuss together. We never attempt to tie a bow on any of these complex subjects, but we do gather intentionally to begin the conversation.

All of our time is centered around the person and work of Jesus Christ, and we all take comfort in knowing we are uncomfortable together as the family of God. It is typically in this place of discomfort that God exposes our idols, shapes our perspective, and helps us become more like Christ.

If you have any questions on Tapestry Tables, please email Dave Goffeney at davegoffeney@redemptionaz.com


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