Summer Book & Movie Clubs

Stephen Collins / June 1, 2018

Summer is a distinct season for Redemption Tucson. Some of our formal ministries slow down while other opportunities pick up. We aim for a slower pace where leaders are refreshed, while also creating opportunities to grow and connect for everyone. This year we are launching a new summer opportunity– summer Book & Movie Clubs!

Learn More about all the Summer Book & Movie Clubs + sign up here: SIGN UP

Important notes:

  • -Meeting days, times, and locations vary by group.
  • Meeting locations will be sent out to participants prior to the first meeting along with any homework to have completed for the first gathering.
  • Participants will need to purchase their own book prior to gatherings.
  • There is no formal childcare offered for these Summer Clubs, although some of the Clubs are family friendly.

If you have any questions about these summer Book & Movie Clubs email Stephen Collins.


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