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Mentorship 101

We strongly encourage you to take this intentional step toward growth as a disciple of Jesus by entering into a Mentorship relationship at Redemption. Mentorship is one aspect of our discipleship unto Jesus. We are going out of our way to not call Mentorship “Discipleship” because we are deeply committed to the biblical picture of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. If you are a follower of Christ, you are a disciple. Throughout the Scriptures we clearly see that God’s charge to His people is for every aspect of life to be lived out as an act of worship unto Him (i.e. Deuteronomy 6, Titus 2, 1 Timothy 5, and 2 Timothy 2). In the home, workplace, sports field, pub, drive-through, sanctuary, etc. all of life is all for Jesus, so discipleship takes place in all of life through all sorts of relationships and contexts.

Although discipleship cannot be reduced to a cup of coffee with a guru or professional there are great benefits towards having focused, intentional, and unique relationships with the goal of growth. We are excited to see how the Lord will continue to grow us as a diverse body of believers who can help each other grow as biblical followers of Jesus.

Mentorship at Redemption Tucson is all about intentionally helping people grow as healthy disciples of Jesus.


What does it look like?
Mentorship is an intentional meeting in a one-on-one, small group (3-5), or as a couple with the goal of growth.

How often do I meet?
The exact frequency is up to each mentorship relationship.

Where & When do I meet?
The time and place for meeting will be entirely up to each pair/group. Coffee shops, office settings, homes, the UA Mall, a running/hiking trail, etc. can all be great places for mentorship to flourish. Whatever works for you is where and when you should meet, as long as it is consistent.

How long does the Mentorship Cycle run?
Most mentorship relationships will follow the natural school schedule and will run for that period of time. With natural breaks at holidays & summer, some mentorships will continue, some will take a break, and some will conclude.

What will I be doing? What does it look like?
The exact content is up to the mentor, but Redemption Tucson leadership has resources available if needed. There is great freedom in what content looks like, and it should vary from person to person.

Should I be a Mentor & Mentored?
YES! The ideal scenario would be for everybody at Redemption Tucson to be both mentored and mentoring. In some cases, people might mentor each other, with one person having more to offer in a particular area and the other person using his/her strengths where needed as well. There is a certain level of messiness that we need to expect and embrace. Because discipleship is an all of life endeavor, we hope everybody at Redemption Tucson can both mentor and be mentored.

How do I become a Mentor?
Please follow the link above or below to indicate your interest in being a mentor. A leader will follow up with you after the application is complete.

How do I get Mentored?
Please follow the link above of below to sign up to be mentored at Redemption. You can also sign up on Mentorship Sunday (9/30). If you have any questions about Mentorship let us know at the Connect Desk, on a Connect Card, or email


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