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First Steps

Attending a new church can be an intimidating experience. Trying to get connected can be even harder. Our prayer that the following outlets would help Redemption Tucson truly feel like home. The two clearest onramps to experience belonging, being known, and thriving at Redemption Tucson are:

Sunday Services & –Redemption Communities

Foundations exists to help get you plugged into life, community, and ministry here at Redemption + help you learn more about the culture, vision, and heart of Redemption. This class is a great place to get to know leaders, ask questions, and get connected! Foundations is a 30-minute class immediately after service one Sunday per month, and takes place right at Safford School.

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Opportunities to learn & grow

We believe all of life is all for Jesus and want to see our whole lives shaped by the person and work of Jesus. Beyond Sundays we have a variety of tools to help you explore and grow in your faith. These opportunities include classes, trainings, Tapestry Tables, Mentorship, Bible Studies and more.

Event Calendar

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Serving is necessary & good in shaping us into the image of Christ. Serving one another, loving your neighbor, and seeking the good of the other is inherently the call for the follower of Christ. Serving on Sundays is a really practical way to live out that God-given calling. Being a part of one of the Sunday service teams (Setup, Hospitality, R-Kids, and A/V) allows us to be known and needed at Redemption Tucson. We encourage you to find a way to serve within Redemption Tucson as we have a diversity of needs in the church.  

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Baptism, is an outward expression of this inward transformation. It symbolically portrays a Believers identification with the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It proclaims to all that we have died to our old self and now live in the freedom of new life in Christ as a forgiven child of God and devoted follower of Jesus. Baptism follows the example set by Jesus, found in Mark 1:9. Our new life with new priorities and passions expressed in ministry also begins with an act of obedience in being baptized.


Membership is an informed commitment to the doctrine and vision of Redemption Church, a willing submission to the leadership of the church, and an intentional embrace of your role in the body of Christ and the mission of the church. We invite you to enter into this covenant community here at Redemption.

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