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Hard Conversations Blog Part 1: Calvinism

Redemption AZ / August 6, 2019
books, calvinism, hardconversations, predestination, reformed theology, resources

By Dave Goffeney & Stephen Collins This original blog was written during our time in Ephesians, we have edited it for our Hard […]

The Unknown Causes of Depression

Redemption AZ / July 1, 2019
#depression, #mental health

By Joe Jewell Depression rates have climbed over the years and that’s not news, but I have found in my own experience that […]

Woven / Redemption Women’s Ministry

Redemption AZ / February 6, 2019
women, womensministry, woven

By Kelsey Collins On Saturday we officially launched the Women’s Ministry at Redemption Tucson! During the gathering, we shared more behind the name […]

Advent Offering 2018

Redemption AZ / December 8, 2018
#outwardfocus, advent, adventoffering

Arizona law provides several tax benefits for certain charitable contributions. Specifically, if you meet certain criteria (a primary one of which is whether […]

Redemption Kids Update

Redemption AZ / September 16, 2018
#redemptionkids, #rkids, #staff

On Sunday 9/16 we announced some transitions with our Redemption Kids ministry. Jenny Bell, who has faithfully led well will be transitioning out […]

The S-Word

Redemption AZ / September 7, 2018
authority, marriage, power, submission

by Teena Dare THE S-WORD I think it’s time we talk about the S-Word. If you were a woman in the proverbial pews […]

Changes for Redemption Scottsdale

Redemption AZ / August 20, 2018

Originally posted here: In 2015, Sean Mortenson was sent by Redemption Arcadia, with the support of Redemption’s overall Leadership Team, to plant a […]

Redemption Tucson Youth Update

Redemption AZ / March 25, 2018
#families, #redemptionyouth, #redtucyouth, #youth, #youthministry

On Sunday 3/25 we shared an exciting update–Jake Wilhelm is stepping into a Pastoral Residency with a focus on the youth! This will […]


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